Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February Home Store Challenge: February 9th

Another day and another bunch of meals made without a trip to the grocery store! 

Breakfast:  Waffles.  I love that the pancake mix is so versatile.  Plus I had that egg leftover from the egg wash for yesterday's French Bread.  Wanted to make sure I used that up!
  Baby Boy had his usual breakfast of applesauce and multi-grain cereal.
 Here are our waffles, before we divvied them up ;). 
 Frozen squash and sweet potato cubes.  These became lunch for Mr. Roo.
 I asked my big girl what she wanted for lunch, and she said macaroni and cheese.  I chose the purple box (since I have to sneak into the bedroom where Daddy is sleeping and grab them out from under the bed ;) -- it's where we keep a lot of our bulk purchases from Costco!)
 Lunch is ready!
 Dinner ingredients. 
 Baby Boy's dinner.  He ate it all.
 Southwestern Egg Rolls!  I LOVE these.  So filling, so yummy.  We will probably  be having them again this month, since I have all the ingredients and they are packed with veggies!
And, finally, my plate!

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