Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Home Store Challenge: Day 3

Well, today didn't go entirely as planned.  That happens a lot.  But since my husband actually went to Costco with me (for a good cause!  Read on!), we called it a date and bought a pizza for dinner.  I feel a little bit guilty for already buying a meal when I actually didn't plan to go out to eat at all this month, because we usually don't.  But life happens, and sometimes a good deal presents itself and is too good to pass up.  I'll tell you all about it.

Breakfast was delicious.  Blueberries and Cream oatmeal!  And, it even fed my husband today.  He usually eats his sandwich, as I stated before.  But right now he is on graveyard shift (yuck, yuck, yuck!) and he actually got home early this morning (he's usually walking in the door around 9, but today was home around 7:30!).  So he joined us for breakfast :).
 So yum.  My little miss asked for seconds and thirds.  She chose to do blueberries today.
 The baby ate plain cereal today.  And though it's not pictured, he also had squash with dinner.  He is finally really started to have an appetite again.  This bug really threw him for a loop.
 Lunch was cheese quesadillas and green beans.  Milk for my girl and water for me, as usual.  Those are the best tortillas ever, by the way.

Which brings us to dinner.  Okay, so yesterday I finally went and upgraded my phone to a Smartphone.  Yeah, yeah...  About time, right?  I wasn't originally going to do it yesterday, but my husband lost his phone Monday.  And for all we know it's in the Atlanta airport.  So we aren't hoping to find it.  It was another dinosaur phone anyway, so no big loss.  So we were going to just have him keep my old phone (he never uses his phone and can't take it to work anyway, because he can't take any phone with a camera on it to his job).  And I was going to upgrade, since I was going to anyway.  I need a GPS app ;).  So anyway, the losing the phone thing just pushed me into doing it.  Well, while there upgrading, I learned that, by getting the particular phone I got (and because it took me forever to upgrade, so my cell phone company wanted to entice me to upgrade by offering some awesome rebates that were only good for 2 days....), I stood to get $125 in rebates.  And I only paid a total of $37 after taxes and cost of phone.  Seriously!?!  I was going to get paid $90-something bucks for upgrading my phone!?!  I like those numbers!  So when I got home and told my husband about it, he got all excited and decided he wanted to upgrade his phone too.  So we went back today and did just that.  And he got the same sweet deal. 

But because he is on graveyard shift, and because he had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep, and because we have young children who nap well into the afternoon...  Well, we finally got to Costco at 4:30.  Left around 5:30.  Decided a Costco pizza would be a great end to our phone buying (and money-saving!) date.  And plus he needed to get home and eat fast so he could go back to sleep to squeeze in a few more zzz's.  Which is where he is right now ;).

So that's why I spent money (date night fund money) on a pizza on only day 3.  It seems like a cheat in some ways, but oh well.  I still haven't bought any new groceries for our home :).

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