Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February Home Store Challenge: February 23rd

I haven't been to the grocery store to grocery shop since mid-January.  I won't be going until March 1st!  This is how my home store (made-up of both THRIVE Life and non-THRIVE Life products) is helping my family eat well and eat healthy for the month of February!

So my husband is on day shift now.  Which, apparently, means I don't manage to post our meals for the day until the next day!  On the up-side...  It does mean I don't stay up super-late! 

Breakfast:  Blueberries and cream oatmeal.  Plus the baby's usual:  cereal and applesauce.

 Lunch was macaroni and cheese, peas, and pineapple.  My girl had milk, and I had water.  The baby had squash and mashed potatoes.

 I made a lemon-buttercream frosting for the lemon-zucchini cupcakes, since I was going to give them away.  I usually don't frost our stuff, just because it's so much sugar and fat...  Plus, these cupcakes are so awesome without the frosting!  But they were good with the frosting too ;).

 Leftovers for dinner!  Easy peasy.  And clears out the fridge!  The baby had mashed potatoes, cereal, corn, and chicken.

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