Monday, February 8, 2016

February Home Store Challenge: February 7th

Home Store Challenge Day 7! This was actually yesterday's, and tonight I will post today's... Just a little explanation on why there isn't much food depicted for the day (at least breakfast and lunch...). In our faith, we set aside one Sunday a month as "fast Sunday." It is a time members of the congregation are invited to fast for a particular purpose (that purpose is up to each individual) and abstain from food for two consecutive meals. Then we donate the money we would have spent on those meals as fast offerings to help people who may need assistance with some things.  It is not required, but when I am not nursing or pregnant, I choose to participate. So what you will see for breakfast and lunch is what our little girl ate (the baby ate food too, of course!). And then dinner was leftovers, so I just took a picture of our food sitting on the counter as we started prepping our individual meal choices ;).

For breakfast, Lynnaea wanted a yogurt parfait with blueberries again :).
 Little man had multi-grain cereal.
 She requested pb&j for lunch, plus I threw some peas on her plate for some veggies.  Plus she had milk. Baby boy had squash and peas, a bottle, and a cracker.
 After church, we all had dinner.  Leftovers again -- but this time we managed to clean out the fridge (well, except we still have one more slice of pizza!).  I also made fried okra to go with the meal.

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