Saturday, February 20, 2016

February Home Store Challenge: February 20th

So I had a jar meal event today.  It was awesome!  I love sharing THRIVE Life!  We did a stir fry (choice of vegetarian or vegetable-beef), and it was very well received!  Nothing like having a meal that can be ready in 15 minutes!

Anyway, so my sweet husband took my babies with him to his parents' house to give me a full day of mommy break!  So we ate breakfast together...  But they ate (are eating) lunch and dinner at my in-laws' house, so you'll just see pictures of what I ate :). 

But I also made dessert -- and you won't want to miss that!  Check it out below!

Breakfast:  Raisin Bran for us and the usual for the baby.

 I have run out of store-bought sandwich bread!  So that meant I was breaking out the ingredients and making a loaf!  (Actually I let the bread machine do the work ;)).
 As I was rushing out the door for the jar meal event, I wanted to eat some lunch.  I grabbed the leftovers from my dinner out on Thursday:  chicken taquitos.
 Bread was finished when I got home!
 My dinner was a cheese sandwich, asparagus, tortilla chips and salsa and root beer -- just because I had a hankerin'. 
 Proof I did have root beer stored under the bed ;).  It actually has a best by date of November 2014.  Haha!  I think it's good to have a little bit of those things that you might get a hankerin' for out of the blue in your home store...  When I was pregnant, I actually went to the store for root beer, because I was craving it so!

 Since I am enjoying some mommy time for just a little bit longer, I had a single-serve sweet treat!  A mint chocolate chip brownie!  Plus I wanted to belatedly celebrate National Mint and Chocolate day, which was yesterday -- I just forgot about it until too late!

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