Monday, August 4, 2014

THRIVE Butter Powder

I decided to try the THRIVE Butter Powder as a butter spread today. There aren't super-specific instructions on the can. It just says to add small amounts of water to the butter powder until you reach your desired consistency.


Well, here's the thing: I love to cook... But I NEED a recipe . I almost hyperventilate when I am expected to wing it... Okay, maybe not that bad... But still. I rely heavily on recipes.

So here's what worked for me:
2 tablespoons butter powder
3/4 tablespoon water

I got a spreadable spread that wasn't too fluid.  If nothing else, it's a jumping-off point for others to start at so they can make it the way they prefer it.

One really nice thing about this, though, is in the winter, if I want butter for my bread, I can make up a small amount of this. Otherwise, the stick butter is too hard and tears my bread. I used to buy tub margarine to solve this problem, but now I can skip that and just use my THRIVE!

I had a friend over for dinner, and she said it was really yummy. And I liked it just fine (it was butter, so not a whole lot to say about that..., but I guess that means it was good ;)).

And, of course, I took a picture. 'Cause I'm crazy like that.

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