Saturday, August 23, 2014

Streusel Topping with THRIVE Butter Powder

Let me begin by saying I don't like writing the word "streusel."  I either have to type it really slowly -- or I mess it up every time!  Something about the finger combination of typing it ;)...

But enough about that randomness!  Let's talk streusel!

Truthfully, typing the word isn't the only thing I don't like about streusel.  I'm simply not fan of making it.  Mostly because mine has never come out especially well.  Or it takes forever.  I have done the whole "use two knives" to cut the butter into the flour and sugar thing...  And it takes so long!  Most often, I just decide to use my hands to mix it.  But then my streusel ends up very un-streusel-like.  The heat from my hands melts the butter, and I end up with more of a dough than a breadcrumb consistency.  So, in general, I don't opt to make recipes with streusel very often.

But my husband decided one of his favorite treats is Raspberry Coffee Cake.  And, as coffee cakes go, a streusel topping is generally a big part of that...  And every year on his birthday, I make my sweetie this favorite treat.  And the streusel happens to be what "makes" this cake for him.  So I try really hard to get it right for his special day ;).

And THRIVE Butter Powder has now made this much easier for me!!  In fact, I intend to never make another streusel without THRIVE Butter Powder again, if I can help it!  I can use my hands (as opposed to knives).  And since the butter is already in powder form, I don't have to worry about the melting-dough problem.  This streusel experience was so much easier and much quicker!  And I came out with a nice looking streusel!!!  My husband liked it a lot!

So I ended up adding the THRIVE Butter Powder in with all the other dry ingredients called for in a streusel topping (usually flour and sugar).  I mixed them up with a fork.  Then I added about a tablespoon of water and just used my hand to mix it and make it crumbly.  I was highly pleased with the results.
I also used the THRIVE Butter Powder and THRIVE Raspberries to make the Raspberry Coffee Cake!  So if this looks yummy, check back next week for the recipe for the rest :)!
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And Happy THRIVEing!

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