Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Smoothies With THRIVE Bananas

So I am a smoothie girl.  Especially in the summer.

Today I was looking through my freezer and came across some strawberries I'd frozen at the beginning of July.  I figured it was a good time to use them in a smoothie.  Plus I had strawberry yogurt to start using.

I got pretty excited about having a smoothie.  And then I remembered we didn't have any bananas.  I hadn't been to the store since returning from Utah, so there were no bananas in the house.  Disappointed, I started to put everything away.  For me, a smoothie just isn't a smoothie without banana.

But then I remembered my THRIVE Bananas!!  Thanks to my home store (though still admittedly more meager than I'd prefer...) I did have bananas in the house!

So I set to making my smoothie -- and here's how I did it:

1/2 cup frozen strawberries, slightly thawed
1/3 cup strawberry yogurt
2 teaspoons THRIVE blueberry yogurt bites powder (just she stuff from the bottom of the can -- figured I didn't want to waste it!)
1/3 cup THRIVE banana slices
1 1/4 cup milk

Add all ingredients to a blender and let sit about 3 minutes so the bananas reconstitute a little bit.  Then blend!  And serve.  The smoothie will thicken as it sits.

It was easy, and I got to have my smoothie after all :).  So I say it was a win!  And my toddler loved sharing this with me at lunch.  She kept asking for "more."  I'm definitely loving that I can turn to my home store -- even if isn't exactly an emergency :).
The banana slices are on sale this month, so it's a great time to give them a try!  So contact me at THRIVEingNilla@gmail.com if you want to take advantage of the opportunity!

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