Saturday, August 2, 2014

THRIVE Asparagus

Thought I'd share on of our favorites: the asparagus! I have to say, I think it is totally random that this is one of our favorites. I mean, who says they snack on asparagus? And what's more, who says their toddler does!?!

Ever since I got THRIVE asparagus, I do! And it's true!

I don't know what it is that I like about it so much. I first tasted it at a party and was shocked at the fact that I really liked the flavor and could see myself snacking on it! And knowing how my little one likes to copy me -- and eat whatever I'm eating -- I felt like she'd be willing to at least TRY them out. And well, she was. And she likes them too.

This is how I know: Last Sunday, at church, she had her snack cup full of cheerios, THRIVE peaches, and THRIVE asparagus. She would grab out handfuls of whatever she got her hands on and open her hand, allowing everything to fall out in front of her. Then she'd go through and eat all the asparagus and peaches! Anytime she'll pick a vegetable over cheerios, I think that's a win!

I love that we are getting more vegetables by snacking on the THRIVE veggies. And this one is just one of our favorites!

And don't forget the long shelf-life!!  Unopened, THRIVE asparagus will last 25 years!  And if you just can't stand not opening it...  It's still good for a whole year opened!  But trust me...  It won't last that long ;).

I haven't tried the asparagus in cooking yet. This is mainly because we enjoy snacking on it so much I haven't felt motivated to try it in a recipe . I will one day, though... And when I do, you can bet I'll share!

I felt like some people might like to see what the product looks like up-close-and-personal. Mostly just because I know I would. I only wish I could transmit taste samples through blogger...

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