Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Visit to THRIVE

Last week, my mom and I (and my toddler) had the opportunity travel to Utah to visit my younger brother.  Right before we went, I realized just how close we would be to the THRIVE warehouse!  So I decided then and there that I needed to stop in!  (Plus, since my Q order was processing right around that time, I was able to schedule a pick-up and save on shipping :)!!)

Oh my goodness...  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  Samples of everything everywhere!  In retrospect, I feel like I should have taken advantage of that more than I did.  But I was chasing a toddler around, so I was somewhat distracted :). 

Nonetheless, I did manage to sample the ground beef.  I wanted to taste it before I decided to buy it -- make sure I liked the flavor and all.  Well, I did!  So I'll be adding that to my Q soon!

The showroom was awesome.  All the THRIVE Foods you could possibly want, staring you in the face!

My two regrets:  that I'm not a millionaire ;).  And that I didn't realize sooner that I'd be so close to the warehouse and be able to visit.  Because I'd have loved to schedule a chance to tour the whole warehouse and see where the freeze-drying is done :)!  I'll have to make sure to do it next time, I guess.

So I only got one picture while I was there -- and it's a bit cheesy.  But that's okay :).

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