Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Product Highlight: THRIVE Potato Beads

Some days I need easy!  And today was definitely one of those days!  As the due date for our little baking bun draws ever nearer, there are simply more appointments and more things to get done.  Today was our "Stork Express" visit where we get pre-registered at the hospital.  So I wasn't feeling like spending a lot of time in the kitchen in the evening, especially because I had some appointments to keep after dinner was all done.

Today I relied on my THRIVE Potato Beads to round our our dinner with a delicious side dish!  And, to be quite honest, I've been relying on these Potato Beads quite a bit lately.  They are just so easy to use and so quick to make!  I follow the recipe on the can -- generally.  But we discovered that we like our potatoes a bit moister, so I always increase the water to 2 cups and keep all the other ingredients (milk, butter, salt, pepper) the same.

Because these potato beads are so easy to use, I literally had my side dish (mashed potatoes) ready from start to finish in the same amount of time it took to cook the biscuits!  It was a beautiful thing :).  Particularly since I threw all this together at the very last minute.  I love not having to peel or chop potatoes and wait for them to boil and soften.

I also love that I can have my sealed cans of these on the shelf for up to 8 years and they still maintain all their nutrients!  Or that I can open them and have the can's contents last up to a year!  I can't say that about regular potatoes (and I have had plenty of moldy ones to prove it!).

The Potato Beads are pre-seasoned, so they do have a higher sodium content than the regular Mashed Potatoes available through THRIVE (which I also love -- and just stocked up on more during the BIG DEAL sale going on right now!).  But my sister-in-law raved over these; and when she found out they were being discontinued, she stocked up.  So I wanted to try them.  They are delicious and fast -- just what I need!  Yes, they are being discontinued, but they are still available until the stock runs out.  So if you think you'd like to have some in your home store for those crazy busy days, contact me at THRIVEingNilla@gmail.com or shop my website:  www.thrivelife.com/thriveingnilla

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