Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Being a THRIVE Life Consultant -- Q&A

I've recently had some lovely ladies express interest in the consulting side of THRIVE Life.  They have great questions about the business; and I thought it would be useful to answer them here as well as individually for each of them!  Because sometimes people have questions but don't want to ask -- or aren't sure what their questions even are!

And if you have a question about being a THRIVE Life Consultant which I don't address here, please message me and ask!  I'm always happy to help people learn :).

In recent months, THRIVE Life has re-vamped their whole Consultant plan.  And it is amazing.  I would say if you've ever considered being a consultant, now is the time to look into it further!  The perks for joining are phenomenal, and the kits to help you get started have new prices -- and a new variety of products!  So here are a few of the questions I've received:

1.  What is the annual fee for being a consultant?  Zero!  You do not pay annually to be active as a THRIVE Life consultant.  And I think that is amazing!  Until this question was asked of me, I never even knew that other direct sales companies charge an annual fee.  So this was a great learning opportunity for me, and I'm thrilled to be able to come back with that lovely number of ZERO!

2.  So what does it cost to become a consultant?  I think this question must be answered with two sub-categories, if you will.  First of all, you need to buy your consultant kit.  There are 3 different kits from which to choose, depending on what you want your consultant business to look like.  You may not want to actively go out and do parties -- and that's okay!  There is a kit made just for you! It's called the "Social Seller" kit (it is the least expensive kit at $129 plus tax and shipping).  But you may want to hit the ground running and make this business work for you.  And that's great too!  There's a kit that is more extensive just for you!  You can learn more about these kits by following this link. Your kit will include amazing foods along with paperwork to help you get started!  The second half of the answer is in regards to the Q.  Every consultant is required to have an active Q to receive commission (or be in active consultant status).  There is a $50 per month minimum Q budget for consultants.  Basically this means you order at least $50 worth of product (food, emergency supplies, etc) each month.  

3.  As a consultant, what would I be required to do?  Is there a monthly minimum in sales I need to achieve, etc?  As a consultant, once you order your kit, your ONLY requirement is to have an active Q with a minimum budget of $50 a month in order to be an active consultant.  You are NOT required to hold parties or sell the product.  

4.  What if I want to quit being a consultant?  You simply cancel your Q and you are no longer a consultant.  

5.  What are some of the perks of being a consultant?  You can earn commissions on your own Q for anything over $50 (not including shipping) as well as any other orders your place yourself outside of your Q.  You can share the product with friends and family and earn free and half-off (retail price) products as well as commission just by sharing with those closest to you who may be interested in the awesome THRIVE Life products.  And if you want to actively sell the product and make it your business, you have the potential of stocking your own home store for free.  You are also a member of the Q Club as long as you are an active consultant, regardless of your budget.  For non-consultants, Q Club membership is free with a minimum $100 budget or an annual fee of $79.99 with any budget under $100.  The Q Club allows you to earn points for your Q purchases which can be redeemed for free product when you reach certain point accumulations.  And one of the biggest perks for new consultants is what's called the double-dip.  When you buy a kit and sign up for a Q, you can get host credits for those purchases, which translates into free -- and usually half-off -- product!  And, of course, anything you do as a consultant is on your schedule and you can choose how involved you want to be.  That's a great perk, in my opinion, because when I was in my first trimester of this pregnancy, I was so tired and felt pretty crummy every afternoon.  I was able to put my THRIVE Life business on the back burner until I felt better -- and that was okay!

6.  How hard is it to sign up to be a consultant?  It's super easy.  You can go to my website ( and click on "Join My Team" under my picture.  This enables you to input all necessary information without having to give me anything you may not want me to have (like your SSN).  You can also always contact me, but I know I prefer doing things on my own and keeping some information as private as possible, so I make sure people know how they can do that!

I have definitely loved being a THRIVE Life Consultant.  I have started having a better -- and bigger -- variety of foods in my home store; and I've also become more adventurous in the kitchen.  It's been a lot of fun for me to try new things and see what I can do with my "food storage."  I've loved sharing things with others and helping them learn a variety of ways they can become prepared.  For me, being a consultant made sense, since I wanted the variety offered by THRIVE Life in my food storage/home store anyway!  I joined back when the kits were a little different and a bit more costly, and I was still able to pay off my initial outlay (which I chose to include my 3-month Q commitment of $100 -- which was the minimum commitment at the time -- as what I needed to pay back) in less than 6 months.  And that was doing things at a pace I felt comfortable with and also while I was going through my rough months of early pregnancy and didn't put a whole lot of effort into my business.  For me, it has been an enjoyable journey.

I just wanted to share a little bit of information for anyone who may wonder, especially because with the new kits and their prices, this is a great time to start!  And if you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at!

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