Monday, July 28, 2014

Beginning to THRIVE

I suspect some people may be interested in knowing how they can begin to THRIVE.  So I will lay out a few easy steps to get you started.

1.  Send me your email address!  You can leave it in the comments here (because I moderate, and nobody but me will see the comment unless I want them to) or email me at  Why is this a good first step?  Because it will enable me to make sure you know about all the specials as soon as I know about them!  If you would also like to be given a temporary password by THRIVE Life, which will allow you to log-in when you visit my website, let me know, and I'll get that set up for you!

2. Create a shopping "wish list."  This can help you prioritize your purchases.  You may want to consider items you know you usually have to throw away, because they spoil before you are able to use them.  For example, I know my mushrooms tend to go slimy and gross before the end of the pay period.  So one of my first THRIVE purchases was the freeze dried mushrooms.  I have been using them in soups and on my home-made pizzas!  And I don't have to worry about not using them fast enough and having to throw them out :).

3.  Start building your home store.  There are many ways to accomplish this.  You can use the Q (a super-convenient way to set a budget to spend each month on helping you build your home store), or you can contact me and place orders when it is most convenient for you.  Remember, the goal is never to go into debt to build your home store.  You want to reallocate some of your grocery budget to building your home store with THRIVE.  You can always obtain a log-in and password from THRIVE Life and log-in and order (not on the Q).  However, the prices will not be as deeply discounted as they are when you purchase through me.  The Q offers the benefit of placing the order yourself and getting the Q price (or most discounted price).

4.  Remember that THRIVE Life can also help you prepare with emergency essentials such as water purifiers, first aid kits, and a variety of other items that may be useful in an emergency situation.

5.  Consider hosting a party.  Parties can be live or virtual, so pretty much anyone -- anywhere -- can be a host and reap the awesome host benefits!  If you want a way to jump-start your home store, hosting is it.  Your potential for earning a lot of free and heavily discounted product is phenomenal.  That's just something for you to think about.  Feel free to contact me with questions or if you're interested in being a host!

6.  Consider consulting!  As I mentioned before, the perks for being a consultant are quite amazing.  You get free Q Club membership for life.  You can help your family's income on your schedule and at your chosen pace.  You can build your home store quickly.  And you can get out and and meet people and help them prepare for the future!  If you think you might be interested in consulting, contact me!  You can also sign up via my THRIVE Life website here.

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